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Bleecker Consort Live at St. Paul’s

The Bleecker Consort – Medieval Faire, October 22, 2012
Good example of the exoticism of some of the music from the Middle Ages
French Trouvere – De la gloriouse fenix

Bleecker Consort Rehearsal III: Allemaigne using sopranino rauschpfeife, sackbut, cornamuse and dulcian, plus percussion – St. Paul’s Church, Troy, NY, November 2013

Rehearsal of the Medieval composition, Como podens….

Li savours/Li grant desiers/Non veul mari….13th century piece from the Montpellier Codex. Performed October 23, 2010 at the Medieval Faire in Albany, New York at the Cathedral of All Saints. This is the oldest Episcopal Cathedral in the USA. Other performers can be heard in the background playing in other locations in the church…

The Huron Carol (French traditional arr. R. Zajkowski) and Lirrum, Lirrum (Thomas Morley c. 1558-1603). Solstice celebration at St. Paul’s Church, Troy, NY, December 21, 2010.

Bleecker Consort Performing A Constellation of Medieval and Renaissance Music
Guests on “Schenectady Today” Dec. 24, 2013